August 30, 2014


With the Emmys over, it’s time to look forward, at the new TV season 2014-15, starting September. As we wait for the new seasons of  the network shows to begin, check out these new shows, with their trailers, that you should look out for this fall...

Premise: A law professor calls her criminal defense class ‘How to get away with murder’ and encourages her students to do anything it takes to get the job done.
What to look forward to: From Shonda Rhimes (GREY’S ANATOMY, SCANDAL), this one seems to take forward the very grey area that SCANDAL is always in, where very grey characters do very wrong things, but audiences are still expected to root for them. With MURDER, however, the absence of a political angle (and hopefully, that’s the way it’ll remain), the heightened drama might not seem that far-fetched, and the characters might still be relatable. Given Rhimes’ track record, this one will do well no matter how it turns out. It stars Oscar nominee Viola Davis in the lead.
Series Premiere: Thursday, September 25

Premise: A CIA operative, who reports to the President of the United State, must uncover truths about the killing of her boyfriend on foreign soil. The boyfriend was also the president’s son.
What to look forward to: With actresses GREY’S ANATOMY’s Katherine Heigl and DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES’ Alfre Woodard taking the lead on this one, I have to consider this as more than just a regular politically-driven mystery drama. The trailer reveals that it will thrive on backstory in a big way, so it’s probably going to be tricky to maintain an appeal, even if it starts well, but I’m going to be open minded about it.
Series Premiere: Monday, November 17

Premise: The origins of DC’s superhero, the Flash. What else could one want to know!
What to look forward to: The trailer hints at a superhero series that will be fun and exciting. It even made me want to watch The CW’s other successful DC superhero show, ARROW. And they even seem to have cast the Flash perfectly. Grant Gustin will be great. However this turns out, it will definitely do well.
Series Premiere: Tuesday, October 7

Premise: Another adaptation of a DC superhero series, this one is a prequel to Batman, with a young Detective Gordon as the protagonist.
What to look forward to: It traces the incident that incited the creation of Batman—young Bruce Wayne’s parents being killed in front of him. With Detective Gordon promising Wayne that he will catch his parents' killer, the series will delve into how Catwoman, Penguin, Riddler, Poison Ivy, etc. became the iconic Gotham city villains that we know them as. It stars THE O.C.’s Ben McKenzie as Gordon, and Jada Pinkett Smith, among others.
Series Premiere: Monday, September 22

Premise: A story of a group of young hospital patients dealing with different medical conditions, who band together to form unlikely friendships
What to look forward to: From executive producer Steven Spielberg, this show is bound to make anyone feel things. It has a lot of heart and there’s something endearing and intriguing about the characters, which is evident even from the trailer. It’s a fresh, new concept and it could turn out to be an excellent series. It stars Oscar winner Octavia Spencer and BROTHERS AND SISTERS' Dave Annable.
Series Premiere: Wednesday, September 17

Premise: The comprehensive account of the relationship between Andrew and Zelda from A to Z.
What to look forward to: It’s not the kind of sitcom that does well these days, but this differently-packaged romantic comedy might do well. The characters seem interesting, and it’s cast very well, with MAD MEN’s Ben Feldman and HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER’s Cristin Milioti in the lead. It’s got a very fresh appeal about it and I hope it turns out to be as nice as the trailer makes it look.
Series Premiere: Thursday, October 2

Premise: An adaptation of British series BROADCHURCH, this is about two detectives who investigate the death of a boy in a small seaside town in California, which affects the entire town in various ways.
What to look forward to: If it’s anything like the British original, this event series will be worth watching. The cast is also brilliant, with David Tennant, who also played the lead in BROADCHURCH, BREAKING BAD’s Emmy winner Anna Gunn, Nick Nolte, Kevin Zegers and Jackie Weaver.
Series Premiere: Thursday, October 2

Premise: It’s based on the life of comedian John Mulaney, and tells the coming-of-age story of a young comedian, under the influence of his boss, roommates and neighbors.
What to look forward to: A fresh and strong take on workplace and friendship-based sitcoms, this one is bound to be entertaining, with some interesting, albeit caricature-esque characters. The stand-up comedy bit is bound to remind you of SEINFELD.
Series Premiere: Sunday, October 5

Premise: A man finds a neighborhood kid dead and is suspected of having murdered the kid. As things unfold, a lot of secrets and lies will be uncovered.
What to look forward to: The trailer has me feeling intrigued, because of the mystery. There could be some gripping storytelling that can come out of the premise, or it could fall flat like CBS’ ill-fated HOSTAGES last season. With Ryan Philippe, Juliette Lewis, PRIVATE PRACTICE’s KaDee Strickland starring, I hope it turns out to be good. But either way, the premise doesn’t offer the promise of longevity.
Series Premiere: mid-season

Premise: The patriarch of a music and drugs empire must choose which of his sons will succeed him, when he’s diagnosed with ALS. About the same time, his ex-wife is released from prison, and she claims her share of the empire.
What to look forward to: Starring Oscar nominees Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson, this soapy drama will feature original and current music from the likes of Timbaland. It also offers the promise of some intense storylines and good character development.
Series Premiere: mid-season

Premise: A former CIA agent is offered the position of the Secretary of State of the United States and she takes it, following which, she encounters several challenges while playing the part.
What to look forward to: I’m not so convinced that the premise of the show is strong enough for it to do well. But it does keep things rather open for various storytelling opportunities. From the trailer, it seems like the writing is crisp, but one can only wait to know for sure. The cast is pretty impressive, including Tea Leoni, PRIVATE PRACTICE’s Tim Daly and Željko Ivanek.
Series Premiere: Sunday, September 21

Premise: Laura is an NYPD homicide detective and a single mom. The way she works and parents her kids gives rise to various comedic situations.
What to look forward to: WILL AND GRACE’s Debra Messing gets a chance at another sitcom success. If the one liners are anything to go by, this show could be quite a laugh riot. Hopefully, it lives up to its trailer.
Series Premiere: Wednesday, September 24

Premise: A couple is murdered, which triggers a series of events and revelations, drama and violence
What to look forward to: This show looks quite regular, in terms of its premise and theme—interracial tension, drug dealing, etc. However, I’d still give it a shot, mainly because it stars DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES’ Felicity Huffman.
Series Premiere: mid-season

Premise: Despite their different world views, a detective and an FBI agent seek to clean up the semi-mean streets of Battle Creek, Michigan.
What to look forward to: A trailer hasn’t been released for this show yet. However, despite the fact that its premise isn’t groundbreaking, it’s still worth looking out for, because it’s from BREAKING BAD’s Vince Gilligan and HOUSE M.D.’s David Shore. BATTLE CREEK’s cast, including Josh Duhamel, Dean Winters and Kal Penn, is also quite impressive.
Series Premiere: mid-season
Trailer: not released yet

Premise: A modern take on the 1965 Broadway comedy about polar opposite roommates.
What to look forward to: It stars FRIENDS’ Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon. The trailer is not out yet, but I hope this one is good and stays around for a while, especially since Perry has not had even one of his three shows since FRIENDS go beyond a first season.
Series Premiere: mid-season
Trailer: not released yet

Premise: A gay woman and her straight male best friend decide to have a baby together, and things get complicated when one of them finds the love of their life.
What to look forward to: It’s from executive producers Ellen DeGeneres and Liz Feldman. It stars HAPPY ENDINGS’ Elisha Curthbert and Nick Zano in the lead. The trailer is not out yet, but it sounds promising for sure.
Series Premiere: mid-season
Trailer: not released yet

Premise: A bunch of misfits living together in a townhouse.
What to look forward to: The premise sounds like one that could make for a really funny and endearing comedy. The cast, comprising HAPPY ENDINGS’ Zach Knighton, UGLY BETTY’s Becki Newton, Meeri Khumbhani, and MR. SUNSHINE’s Nate Torrence, leads me to believe that the execution would also have  a good outcome.
Series Premiere: mid-season
Trailer: not released yet

Which of these shows are you putting on your must-watch calendars. Share your views on the trailers you've just seen...

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