May 12, 2012



Earlier in the week, we learned that ABC had renewed GREY'S ANATOMY for a ninth season, while CASTLE, REVENGE and PARENTHOOD would also be coming back in the 2012-13 season. Here are a few more renewals and cancelations that were announced by major networks like ABC, NBC and The CW...


BODY OF PROOF (Renewed): I'm thrilled that it got renewed, because the show has gotten better over season 2, especially with episodes like the one that had the virus outbreak. The crime solving is also really good. I sometimes feel that the cases are more interesting that those on CASTLE even. Dana Delany does a good job, and the supporting cast has also become very likable.

PRIVATE PRACTICE (Renewed): I didn't think this show would do more than four seasons, but there's just something about it—perhaps indulging oneself by watching others' messed up lives—that makes it gripping. That's why I'm glad it's coming back for a sixth season.

THE RIVER, MISSING (Canceled): These shows had strong and promising premises, but something just didn't work. I'm not surprised by their fate.

PAN AM (Canceled): This has been my greatest heartbreak this season as far as canceled shows go. I enjoyed it thoroughly and it was just such a pleasure to watch. The engrossing stories, the 60s setting, the relationships between the Pan Am crew members... It will all be missed. I guess here's where poor ratings overrule everything else.

GCB (Canceled): The show was packaged well, but the pilot itself lacked luster. It would have been a guilty pleasure at best—a show that you take with a pinch if salt.

The CW

RINGER (Canceled): It was convoluted and messy, but it was spicy, intriguing and fun. I wouldn't call it a great show by any standard, but it's a show that I'll miss. Sarah Michelle Gellar should get something more lasting soon.

HART OF DIXIE (Renewed): I've only seen the pilot of this one, and it didn't intrigue me enough to watch the next few episodes immediately. But now that it's been renewed, I think I might give it a shot.


AWAKE, HARRY'S LAW (Canceled): I hadn't started either of these shows, but the former sounded really interesting. The latter, I would've watched simply because it's by David E Kelly (ALLY McBEAL, THE PRACTICE, BOSTON PUBLIC) and because of the talented Kathy Bates. The cancelation of these two comes as a disappointment.

BENT (Canceled): The premise was weak, but it had Amanda Peet in the lead and I would've loved to see her on TV again after JACK AND JILL. What mainly worked against it, I think, is that it was too much of a 90s-style sitcom, which doesn't work now. That's what went against shows like BETTER WITH YOU and the Jason Biggs, Sarah Chalke, Judy Greer starrer MAD LOVE. I enjoyed both those shows and I'm sure I would've liked BENT too, but NBC had other plans.

What do you think of these recent cancelations and renewals? Which shows will you miss the most? Share your views here...

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  1. I thought the same about Ringer. I followed it religiously - at least the first 5 episodes, but I got bored too.