August 28, 2011


We’re less than a month away from the new TV season (2011-12) to begin, around the Primetime Emmys on September 18, and the promos and spoilers of all the new seasons keep pouring in. I recently watched the promos of the forthcoming seasons of HOUSE MD, CASTLE and PARENTHOOD, and here’s what I thought of them…

We’ve heard earlier that House will be in prison in the beginning of S8, for driving his car into Cuddy’s house. What we didn’t know, until recently, is that he’s not going to be liked by people in jail. In an environment where it truly is about the survival of the fittest, this promo leaves us with so many questions about whether House is fit enough to survive. On the one hand, his arrogance and his bad attitude towards everyone else on the planet could be his downfall, but on the other hand, we also know that his superior intelligence will help him through his days in prison. Still, this promo just teases us, making us desperate to know how things will go down in jail, especially since they will pick up a few months after the last season left off. What will prison do to House? Will it be similar to what an asylum did to him (his temporary turning-over-a-new-leaf), or will it be more lasting? The only way to find out is to wait for the season to start in the first week of October!  

Writers kill off protagonists only when the lead/s get/s fired (read: TWO AND A HALF MEN). Otherwise, it’s not much of a cliffhanger to show a protagonist being shot dead. But then again, a lot of times, it’s not so much about the ‘what’, but more about the ‘how’ in certain situations. So even though we know that Beckett will survive after being shot, the S4 premiere or CASTLE will explore the ‘how’. That’s exactly what this promo tells us. It’s tense and frightening, as Lanie and Castle watch Beckett being rolled into the OR. Not only does this offer us a lot of drama from the pilot, it also keeps us in sync with things, as they pick up right from where they left off last season. Besides, we still have to find out if Beckett will remember what Castle said to her in the last scene we watched—‘I love you!’ So while we wait for that, this promo is all we have!

We know that PARENTHOOD won’t pick up from where they left off, because in this promo, Kristina has a baby bump that suggests that she’s at least eight months pregnant. We also know that Adam is preoccupied with something, from whatever little they’ve teased us with. Whether it’s just the fact that there’s another baby on the way, with him being unemployed; or it’s something entirely else, we don’t know just yet. Also, we have to consider what the passage of time means with respect to the rest of the family. There’s word out there that before the S3 premiere, there will be more promos with the other Bravermans in the picture, but so far, we can only wonder what Julia’s reaction to Kristina’s pregnancy will be, considering that she herself can’t have more children. Beyond Julia, would Kristina’s pregnancy have had any unforeseen reactions from anyone else, maybe Max, for instance? That is something we just can’t know yet. Here’s looking forward to PARENTHOOD’s return!


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  2. While Castle looks like it's becoming gimmicky, it'll be interesting to see how they play out the Beckett-Castle story post Castle's confession when Kate got shot.

    House in PRISON. Now that's something he totally deserves. But he'll save some lives by being an ass in prison and we'll love him again.

    I'm also looking forward to the return of the 'Bravermen' (or Bravermans, if you please!).

    BTW, @rnvj, when do these new seasons start? You should give a chart/post on all the shows you watch and the new season dates.