July 31, 2011



I recently watched the trailers of the forthcoming seasons of DEXTER and BONES, of which, the former was screened at the recently held Comic-Con. The trailers leave us anticipating big things in the season to come. Here’s what I thought

‘This fall, he’ll make you a believer!’ That’s what the trailer for DEXTER S6 says. The theme of the year is ‘faith’, as Dexter will prepare for Harrison starting school and will need to evaluate what faith is, as he doesn’t want to pass on his ‘dark passenger’ to his son. A friend commented on the trailer, saying that it probably had hundreds of spoilers, and while I do agree that it does, I think it’s arouses more interest and excitement than the beginning of any season probably did. I agree that with last the season starting, we were all dying to know what happens after Rita died, but with the upcoming season, we knew nothing, and the trailer gives us so much to ponder over, and look forward to.
A few shots like Deb getting some kind of an award, Dexter getting physical with a new blonde, and shots of the guest stars like Collin Hanks really got me all pumped up, and waiting. The first shot of Dexter literally hammering a victim, followed by the deadly soundtrack (Depeche Mode’s 'Reach out and touch faith') sets the thrilling mood of the trailer and the season ahead.

The show’s executive producer Sara Colleton revealed in an interview with TVLine recently that Batista and LaGuerta are going to be divorced when the show returns, a year having passed since the previous season ended. Deb and Quinn will still be living together and it has also been revealed that Josh Cooke (Ben, from BETTER WITH YOU) will join the Miami Metro squad as a forensics intern. The biggest revelation however was that Dexter will tell Deb his big secret. We almost saw Deb discovering the mystery last season, and as it turns out, that wasn’t just a teaser; there’s going to be more. Colleton revealed, “When and how that’s going to be handled has not been quite decided, but it will at some point happen.” This is surely going to change everything about the show, and I, for one, would like to see it evolve to another level. Imagine the kind of conflict Deb will deal with, after the initial, enormous shock, of course! So many doors will open up for both the characters, once the secret is out, and that will make the show all the more interesting. What do you think?

The new BONES trailer didn’t have any visuals from the next season, instead, just recapping the season gone by. That’s probably because they don’t have enough material to make on yet, given that the show will return only in November. However, there were other revelations recently revealed about BONES S7.

While all our hearts broke on seeing Vincent Nigel-Murray die in the last season of BONES, we should all get ready for a new ‘squintern’. A guy by the name of Finn Abernathy will join the rotating group of interns, and it’s been revealed that he’s not going to be much of a gentleman, having got his undergrad degree in a juvenile detention facility. In addition to that, Carla Gallo (Daisy) may not return to the show, so a new intern was definitely required on the team. I, for one, quite like the rotation of interns, and I’ve liked to see them evolve over the last few seasons, after Zach went off to prison. These characters on the side add value to the show, and I didn’t think a departure of one of the interns would sadden me until Nigel-Murray’s death.

In addition, it was earlier revealed that there would be a new major villain in the next season, since The Gravedigger is dead. We hear that the new villain will be at the same level as The Gravedigger, and will form a major part of the running story through S7 and possibly S8. The new villain will be more tech-savvy, and (I imagine) more dangerous in certain ways. We’re looking at someone else getting under our skin in a creepier manner than we’ve experienced earlier on the show. A mid-season cliffhanger (probably before they go on the holiday break), after six episodes, will be about this new villain. There will be no indication about Booth and Bones’ baby until after those episodes, but while we’ve already imagined what it would be like for them to be a couple, it has been revealed that they will be very unconventional. The season will take the show to a new level for sure, on the character front as well as the mystery front. I can’t wait to see a trailer or a promo that’ll have visuals from the season. Hopefully we’ll see one by September, to at least keep us satisfied till the season begins two months after that.

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