May 15, 2011


TV TALK discusses the recently announced cancelations of BROTHERS AND SISTERS, OFF THE MAP and MR SUNSHINE, among other announcements from ABC

A still from the BROTHERS AND SISTERS finale
Earlier this week, ABC made certain announcements that were disturbing for several television fans like me. Of course renewals and cancelations of shows are a part and parcel of the television business, but it was shocking nonetheless to find out that BROTHERS AND SISTERS had been canceled. I have to say that I was most disappointed by this cancelation, as I have been a fan for the last five years. And even though this show might not have been doing as well as it used to, I still thought that the network would keep it on simply for having been successful and even widely popular over its five seasons. Reports say that it was too expensive a show to keep on air, especially given the size of the cast. I am yet to watch the S5 finale, which I will now watch as the series finale, but all I can hope is that the show has ended well, and that the finale is a fitting end to a nice show.

OFF THE MAP was a groundbreaking show
Other shows that have been canceled are MR SUNSHINE and OFF THE MAP. Now I accept that the former was no groundbreaking series, but it was a fresh and interesting comedy, with a lot of potential, as I have previously mentioned here. OFF THE MAP was groundbreaking, it was interesting to the point of being really gripping in parts and it could have been a great show, if ABC had just given it a chance. The shows being axed prematurely is definitely sad.

BETTER WITH YOU was a nineties' style sitcom
On the other hand, even though BETTER WITH YOU is quite entertaining, I am not surprised it’s on this list. I like the nineties’ sitcom style that it has, but clearly, the appeal for comedy has changed since the nineties and such material is not welcomed by many today. NO ORDINARY FAMILY, DETROIT 187 and V are other casualties of the season. Again, I’m not surprised that those shows won’t make it any further.

Kerry Washington will play the lead in Shonda

new show SCANDAL
ABC has been on quite the canceling spree. Last month, they canceled the long-running daytime soaps ONE LIFE TO LIVE (1968- ) and ALL MY CHILDREN (1970- ). However, with these more recent cancelation announcements, they have also picked up several new shows. While the network is bringing CHARLIE’S ANGELS back to the small screen, even Tim Allen will be back with a show called LAST MAN STANDING. And while ABC did not pick up Marc Cherry’s (DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES) HALLELUJAH, they have picked up Shonda Rhimes’ (GREY'S ANATOMY, PRIVATE PRACTICE) new procedural SCANDAL, starring Kerry Washington in the lead. Among the other new shows coming to ABC next season are REVENGE, MAN UP, GOOD CHRISTIAN BELLES, SUBURGATORY and ONCE UPON A TIME.

What did you think of the cancelations announced by ABC? Do share your views here…


  1. Extremely upset about brothers and sisters. .
    i think every sitcom should be given atleast 2 seasons to prove its worth !!

  2. @Husayn Thank you for your comment. I agree with you on the sitcoms bit. And my views on BROTHERS AND SISTERS are up there.

  3. @Husayn @rnvj i agree. even if its a so-so sitcom, two seasons seems fair to judge its worth in the long run.
    I'm really going to miss Off the Map. It had serious potential.
    Depressing TV news

  4. Wow! I just noticed that you updated your site-design. I like it SO much more than the previous one. It looks so nice! :-)

  5. @geetanjali Tell me about it. I am more sad about BROTHERS AND SISTERS, cause I've followed it for five years, but OFF THE MAP being canceled is definitely more disappointing. I expected big things from that show.

    @Let me be.. Thank you!! Nice to see your comments here again!