January 17, 2011


The 68th annual Golden Globe Awards for television were announced yesterday, January 16, along with those for motion pictures. TV Talk gives you an update on Award Fever 2011

For a complete list of winners at last night’s awards, CLICK HERE.

Everyone on the list of presenters seemed 
apt for the awards they presented
The Golden Globes this year were star studded as usual. While the regular award-goers from the large screen were there, making statement after fashionable statement on the red carpet, the turnout of TV stars was phenomenal. Most of the TV nominees made it, as did other actors from all the nominated shows. Ricky Gervais, as host of the evening did a fine job of breaking down the past year of film and television, with witty one-liners that kept the crowd entertained between the award announcements. The list of presenters was equally impressive, and everyone on the list seemed to be apt for all the awards they presented. While The Social Network swept the awards in the motion picture categories, Inception sadly won nothing.

The cast of Glee celebrates the victory
The biggest winner in television was GLEE, with three wins, including Best TV Series – Musical or Comedy, and Best Performances by Supporting Actor and Actress in a TV Series/Mini-series/TV Movie. I think the only deserving winner from among those was Jane Lynch. Chris Colfer, who is sometimes good on the show, is very over-the-top otherwise. With completion like Eric Stonestreet (MODERN FAMILY) in the category, he certainly didn’t deserve his victory. Speaking of which, MODERN FAMILY not winning anything was definitely the biggest disappointment in the TV categories. As a contemporary comedy, the show is definitely far more superior to GLEE in terms of storylines, writing, characterisations and overall consistency. Even THE BIG BANG THEORY would have been a way more deserving winner as compared to GLEE.

Jane Lynch accepts her award
Moreover, GLEE won the Globe last year, which it probably did deserve, given the unique quality about the show, and the fantastic musical performances, but the current season of the show has been less than impressive, and consistency has taken a serious blow with the writing. All said and done, I’m still happy that 30 ROCK wasn’t a factor in this year’s Globes. In fact, this year’s winner for Best Performance by an Actor in a TV Series – Musical or Comedy, Jim Parsons for THE BIG BANG THEORY, was a relief, after Alec Baldwin won for his role in 30 ROCK for two consecutive years. And it was indeed a sweet moment when the award was presented to Parsons by his co-star and friend Kaley Couco. As for Actress in a TV Musical or Comedy, after Toni Collette (UNITED STATES OF TARA) broke Tina Fey’s record last year, and Edie Falco (NURSE JACKIE) won the Emmy last year, I didn’t expect Laura Linney to win, but she probably deserved her Globe. She wasn’t there to accept it, which was unfortunate, since she is one of those performers who gets nominated almost every year, but seldom wins.

Jim Parsons during his acceptance speech
In the drama category, the three-year reign of MAD MEN came to an end, with BOARDWALK EMPIRE taking away Best TV Series – Drama, which didn’t come as much of a surprise, given that the awards always love the most intense of dramas, and as is evident, period dramas. I did expect BREAKING BAD to win Bryan Cranston the award for Best Performance by an Actor in a TV Series – Drama, after his Emmy win last year, but Steve Buscemi took this one away for BOARDWALK EMPIRE. In the Best Performance by an Actress in a TV Drama category, Katey Sagal won the Globe for her acclaimed complex performance in SONS OF ANARCHY.

The night had its share of surprises, but it was one of the better Golden Globe Award shows I’ve seen in the recent past. A few deserving winners being snubbed may have been disappointing, but it was still a night to be remembered. As for whether the Globes are an indication of the Screen Actors Guild TV winners (to be announced on January 30), I don’t think so, mainly because the nominee list is quite different. However, the Globes motion picture results have been a good indicator of the Academy Awards results, and that might hold true this year as well. But before one can decide on that, I look forward to the Academy Award nominations to be announced on January 25. Till then, please tell me what you thought of the 68th Golden Globe Award results.

COMING SOON: The 17th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards 


  1. "Even THE BIG BANG THEORY would have been a way more deserving winner as compared to GLEE."
    thank you for that. how does a show made primarily for 12-year-olds walk away with so many awards? how does it even get nominated? why didn't they nominate Tom and Jerry then? or Ben 10? or everybody hates chris...

    The sweetest moment was Kaley Cuoco reading Jim Parsons's name on the golden envelope. She was shocked, surprised and overwhelmed. And when she hugged him on stage, she cried a bit! That was super sweet.

    I didn't like the tone of the show set by Ricky Gervais. He was downright mean. I've never understood why comics have to make fun of others, especially their own audiences. That is never funny.

    However, the presenters were good and very fitting of the category they gave away, so that bit was fun. The awards themselves were grand.

    While The Social Network did deserve most of the awards it won, I didn't think it deserved best 'original' score. That should have gone to Inception instead.

  2. I agree with you when you say that you don't understand why comics need to make fun of others to be funny... Ricky Gervais did get a little too harsh at times, but it wasn't downright demeaning, as others stand-up acts are.