November 14, 2010


So the new seasons of all the shows have kept me busy off late. Here’s what I think of how they’re getting along... (Please leave your comments telling me what you’re liking or disliking about the current seasons; I’d love to know what you think)

WHAT I LOVE With the new season, of course there’s the whole thing about the shootout that ended the previous season, and I’m loving everything about how most characters are recovering from the devastation. However, what I’m loving most is combined evolution of the characters. They have all been to hell and back, together, so their bond appears deeper, and that’s been brought out really well. Even the former Mercy West residents, Jackson and April seem to be more a part of the group, and I’m liking their evolution together.  

WHAT I DON’T The road that Christina Yang has gone down after the incident; I just feel like there isn’t enough consistency. Agreed that there had to be a lot of darkness that came with her being held at gunpoint, while she was trying to save Derek Shepherd’s life. But since then, even as she has been scared in the OR, detached from medicine, and had issues with being called a hero, she seemed fine work-wise when she finally seemed more like a doctor during the documentary episode, and then working beautifully on a case after that. A recovery seemed to be taking place, but her quitting after that seems to make no sense. We all know that she’ll be back, so her quitting seems to be just something shock-worthy, gasp-inducing and gimmicky. I hope they deal with it well.

WHAT I LOVE Paul Young’s return! In a very obvious way, the show’s gone back to its roots—the story of the Youngs, which got all us fans hooked onto the show in S1. And I’m enjoying Mark Moses back on Wisteria Lane. He does such a fabulous job with the character, and he brings out the eeriness in Paul in an almost chilling way. I do have an idea as to what his plan is, for which he’s going around trying to buy everyone’s houses on the street, but I’ll just keep the suspense alive here. I know I’m holding my breath to see him executing his plan.

WHAT I DON’T Again, I’m going to go with the gimmicks here. When the season began, Felicia Tillman was put away in prison, and she said she had a plan for Paul, and that she had a street full of friends to help her execute it. I just hope they do something with that, and don’t just leave it as a gimmick. I really want to see them have a major face-off; she was the reason he spent ten years in prison. I also want to see Zach Young come back. We all know that Paul has major unfinished business there!

WHAT I LOVE The execution and evolution of House and Cuddy’s relationship. What began with them becoming each other’s weakness on the professional front went on to them confronting each other, on how they could let each other into their lives. Of course, his ways of working include lying to her and going behind her back, doing unethical stuff. That had to come in the way of their relationship, and it has! That’s what I’m loving. I want to see what kind of a challenge that will pose for them.

WHAT I DON’T The way they’re dealing with Olivia Wilde’s absence from the show. First of all, I don’t see why they have to have a fourth person on the team (House worked with a team of three for the first three seasons). Second of all, I’m not liking this hiring and firing of temps one bit, especially the last episode I watched, where Amber Tamblyn was being hired and fired as quickly as House was breathing in and out! That was not even funny, so it was rather pointless!

WHAT I LOVE A strong central storyline this season. While Juliet Sharpe seemed like a rather inconsequential character in the beginning, she got interesting when she went to meet her brother Ben in prison, and even more interesting, when she took money from Colin Forrester. I’m hooked on this season to find out her what she and Ben have against Serena Van der Woodsen. I just hope they don’t disappoint. I was afraid the storyline would fall flat after the (fantastic) taking down of Juliet, by the four Upper-Eastsiders, S, B, Chuck and Nate, but her new alliance with Vanessa and Little J is keeping me hooked!

WHAT I DON’T The Blair and Chuck drama. It started with some massive intensity in Paris, Chuck became a changed person, then he declared war on her, and then they called a truce. Till then, it was interesting. After that, not so much! They call a truce, they sign a treaty, then they suspect each other, then they start having meaningless sex, then they decide to be friends, and then they kiss and go upstairs to have passionate sex, and then I was rolling my eyes! I mean, they have taken the characters’ vulnerability to a level, where I’m not even interested in knowing what those two do with each other. I really don’t care what Chuck and Blair decide to be to each other anymore!

WHAT I LOVE The unfolding of the characters’ stories after the accident. I was a little uncertain about the one-year leap, but the writers played that out really well, bringing a whole new meaning to the characters. From Sarah’s insecurity of her relationship, to Kitty finding a way to let Robert go, to Nora trying to find a purpose in life, to Justin growing up emotionally, to Holly’s illness, and to Kevin and Scotty’s relationship evolving; this season has a lot of substance in terms of character development.

WHAT I DON’T Now I love that Sarah and Luc are engaged and all, but for him to just drop his modelling career, seems a little too convenient. It’s as though, they wrote a modelling career for the character just to make Sarah insecure, and for them to make a commitment. If they had decided to make him a model, the least they could have done was played it out for it to have made a difference to the show; I mean there are simpler ways of making a couple realise that they want to make a commitment! And with Kevin and Scotty, I do like the new angle to their relationship—Scotty being unfaithful—it brought out some intense drama and brilliance in Matthew Rhys’ performance even. But a part of me thinks it was just to give them more of a story this season; they really could have played out the matter of them trying to have children a little more before forcing this angle in!


  1. I agree with you on Grey's, rest I'm yet to watch but can't wait for Gossip Girl. In Grey's though I think we have to give April major props, I mean she's gone from being one of the worst last season to a kick ass person especially in the trauma training episode so I would put her in the love. Hate on the other is for Lexie I mean in the documentary episode when she ran in during the security check a patient died because of her and yet no action. Also Avery. I mean why have they made him so dumb suddenly and this man candy and also why are only his patients dying every other day. I guess we'll have to wait and watch how Cristina comes back I even thought her and Meredith's falling out was very abrupt. One minute they both were inseparable and suddenly she turned round and blamed Meredith. Love that the good old Dr Derek Shepherd is back though. Also Mark's fixation with Lexie has to stop. I think he belongs with Addie :) those are my thoughts so far. Love Mer-Der, April, Teddy and Karev this season. Hate Hunt still, Lexie and Avery have joined the gang of people who's stories I'm not enjoying anymore!

  2. Oh also about the hiring random people on House though I haven't watched the show yet I think even Bones had a similar problem where they kept bringing in different people to be Bones assistant after Zach left. I guess when someone is too good like Zach and Olivia Wilde's character their next best solution seems to be this rotation policy of below par actors

  3. I just finished watching the first nine episodes of the latest season of Gossip Girl and I am totally hooked. I hated Juliet from the time she came on to the scene and Nate seems to have a knack for always falling for the manipulative bitches on the show. He is really handsome and cute but as thick as ever. I've named the Brooklyn gang of Jenny, Vanessa and Juliet the unholy trinity. Still don't like any of the three women though the angle is interesting. Still don't understand why they all wanna go after Serena though 'coz at the end of the day she's in her own detached world running after boys. Also Nate and Dan should so get over her. I really liked Colin but as usual Serena can't go for the nice guys. I agree with you on the Blair and Chuck saga it's just annoying now. But Nate and Dan running like love sick puppy dogs behind Serena is more annoying. Other than that the new season rocks :)

  4. RVJ you've got to so excited about GH. Where is HIMYM review?? I need all the shows pronto!

  5. ohmygod. you watch all the shows i watch and more:D i think i have found my soulmate. im sorry if that creeps u out:P

    I dont get the whole christina leaving storyline. its a little absurd. Greys has been off its game a little..i have been in love with that show since it started but i duno i miss izzie and george:(

    And now teri hatcher is leaving desperate housewives. when one of the main character of the show leaves the show starts going downhill atleast for me.
    it happened with OC When mishca barton left.
    You have an awesome blog :)
    i do weekly reviews of gossip girl too. have a look if u want:)

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  7. @WIldCherry I totally agree that Nate and Dan are behaving like lovesick puppies... Nate's character has never been strong, except while putting his foot down, when it came to his father's illegal activity, but Dan, who was a non-conformist Brooklyn boy, has just gotten weaker over the seasons, and is now not even good enough for that inconsequential Vanessa!! As for those three girls being after Serena, their idea of payback is to bring any of the four Upper-Eastsiders down, cause the rest will follow. Those four are always together, no matter what. Besides, Juliet does have her agenda against Serena, Vanessa lost Dan to her, and Jenny lost Nate to her, so they all have their reasons for going after her.

  8. @FashionBombay I have written about HIMYM a few posts ago, and I haven't seen much of S6 after that, so there's been no update. As for the other shows, you have a lot to watch in DH and GA. You need to find time to come and get the episodes from me!! :P Let's meet some time!

  9. Hi ClassyandFabulous, Thank you for your comment, and no, I don't think that's creepy. I get that thrill too, when I meet anyone who's as crazy about TV and about my favourite shows as I am. About Grey's, I agree the Christina storyline is pushing it a little, but Shonda always has a plan, so I hope she makes sense of it all soon. And I do miss Izzie and George a LOT. I really dislike Katherine Heigl and TR Knight for leaving these characters! Poor Shonda was left with no choice. As for Teri Hatcher, she'd be as stupid as them to leave DH, but thankfully, those were just rumours. Even though I don't like Susan much, the show wouldn't be the same without her. And I'm glad DH will be here till a ninth season!

  10. Thank you for following, Tessa. I'm following your blog as well. Your nail-art is fascinating! Great work. Please keep reading TV TALK and share your views here. That'd be nice!