October 10, 2010


I continue my reviews of the premieres this season... 

Dexter S5
It was good to see the Miami Metro Homicide team back in action with the opening of S5 of Dexter. This time, however, as Maria LaGuerta put it, they were investigating a death of ‘one of their own’, which also, eventually, became the reason why she handed the investigation over to the FBI. And while she felt that their team was too attached to be a part of the investigation, Quinn was not convinced, and found reason to be suspicious of Dexter. I like his character’s role in the show. While he did replace Doakse on the team, two seasons ago, he even replaced him as the guy to be wary of Dexter and not always trust him like everyone else on the team. From the premiere, it looks like this season will bring that out stronger than ever. I’m looking forward to it all the more because I suspect that the writers will even explore the Deb and Quinn angle further, so he being suspicious of her brother will make for good material on the show.

That brings me to point out that the premiere didn’t have the kind of energy that the show usually has. While there were a few moments that were good, I felt that they could have done a lot more with the premiere, given the marvellous opportunity they gave themselves with the premise of this season. Rita’s death seemed to have had a bigger impact on everyone than it does on her kids. The actress who plays Astor acted terribly while reacting to the news of the death. I surely felt that they could have handled Rita’s family finding out in a much better way. Also, not having a main villain this season seemed like a good idea, but if they don’t get things moving on what they want this season to be about, the season can turn out to be a disappointment. With just twelve episodes a season, I don’t think they have the luxury of having lean episodes.

The premiere did have a few positives though. It was nice to get a bit of Dexter’s back story with Rita and it was interesting to know that Deb had actually set them up. I liked seeing Dexter’s darkness when he’s trying to escape from it all. I do wonder if him killing that man in the public restroom will have any further role to play in the season, because it was one of his sloppiest murders, given how he’s probably left evidence of his crime. I also liked how everyone came together to grieve Rita’s death, and how it affects them, especially LaGuerta and Batista. I do hope their relationship evolves this season. I like them together. I loved the Quinn-Deb hook-up. It was just waiting to happen, I feel. They’re both hot and the sexual tension between them was bound to snap one day. With these many positives, I can still say that I enjoyed watching the premiere, but I have to also say that it fell short of my expectations. However, I’m still interested in finding out what the season has in store.

Private Practice S4
I think Shonda Rhimes keeps the best writers in her staff for Grey’s Anatomy. PP seems to get an almost step-child-like treatment. While S3 was a good one for the show, I felt that the S4 opener fell flat. It had nothing that was premiere material (even regular episodes are better!) It was tepid and disappointing, especially after the way S3 ended. Dell’s death was the biggest shocker last season, and I felt that the writers didn’t even do justice to that in the season opener. The unveiling of his epitaph became an occasion for everyone to gossip about the latest events in their lives. They didn’t even show his funeral. I feel like his character could have been given a better send off, with some closure for his daughter.

Another thing lacking was the heat between Sam and Addison, after almost an entire season of them fighting their feelings for each other, they finally hooked up in the end, and we saw no chemistry or heat between them. While the montage in the beginning of the episode, of Cooper making love to Charlotte, and Pete making love to Violet was very artistically done, I think it seriously lacked frames of Sam making love to Addison. That brings me to the couples update! I like that Cooper and Charlotte are finally being mature in their relationship, and I have high hopes for this couple. I hope they have a nice big wedding, properly planned, sometime mid-season. I want them to have everything a couple should have, which excludes an elopement. As for Pete and Violet, I think they need to grow up a little. Her having cold feet before their wedding was unnecessary, given that she did go through with the wedding finally. The wedding was where I thought that Sam and Addison would break the news about their relationship to Naomi, but that didn’t happen. Maybe they’re saving the drama of that for later, but I felt that the premiere could have really used some of it.

As for new full-time characters, this season we have Sheldon and Amelia becoming series regulars. While Sheldon’s being on the show doesn’t have much of an impact, because his character is not impressive in the least. I think one can almost be indifferent to him, so if Rhimes wants his promotion on the show to be worthwhile, she really needs to give him some better storylines. As for Amelia, I think she’s an interesting character, and that’s not just because she’s Derek Shepherd’s sister. So I am looking forward to Amelia storylines, especially the crossover. Speaking of which, I expected more of a reaction from Addison and Amelia to the news of the shootout at Seattle Grace-Mercy West, especially since Derek had been shot, and because Addison’s friends were in the middle of it, especially Richard Webber and Miranda Bailey.

Definitely falling short of my expectations, the Private Practice season opener was quite a disappointment. I do hope it’s not an indication of what the rest of the season will be, because I’m not ready to lower my expectations from this show.

Glee S2
Glee’s season opener began with the expected—the future of New Directions being threatened, but this time, by another force—Shannon Beist, the new football coach. I loved her; she’s more interesting and definitely more powerful than Ken Tanaka was. I think I’m going to like her role on the show. I especially liked Will and Sue teaming up to fight, and as much as I know that they can’t be on the same side for too long, I do feel that they should have kept their partnership for longer than one episode. It would have been fun to watch.

Those were the positives of New Directions being threatened, again. Otherwise, I really feel that the show needs to move on from writing the same premise every time. The entire first season was about the Glee Club trying to prove itself, being an unpopular minority and all. This season, I really wish that would stop. Enough of that, because it’s getting old! I understand that Sue Sylvester has to be the anti-Glee person and Will Shuester’s enemy, but I really feel that the writers need to find other reasons for her being anti him; probably even bring Teri Shuester as a teacher at McKinley and team up with Sue to bring Will down. Speaking of popularity, of course the show is quite flimsy in many ways, but I feel that the whole thing about holding a certain position in a football team or a cheerleading squad making your popularity level soar is taken to another level of exaggeration. It was ridiculous to show Finn suddenly becoming unpopular because of being dropped from the team. He even thinks it was grounds for Rachel to break up with him and he even tries out for the cheerleading squad!

While on Rachel, I like her new look; the bangs suit her, and almost make her nose look smaller and more bearable to look at. Somehow, she wasn’t even that annoying in the premiere. In the beginning she was, but I liked the writers’ way of adding another element of competition from Vocal Adrenaline, in the form of Sunshine, the new Philippine exchange student. Another new student this season is Sam Evans, the new quarterback in the football team, who Finn is trying to woo for New Directions. I think there might be some interesting storylines with that guy.

I hear that this season will explore a love-life for Kurt. I can’t wait for that. I’m also looking forward to more moments of Figgins’ hilariousness. I feel that he’s an under-rated character. I think this season will be fun. The music is still great (especially the performance of ‘New York’ in the school yard), and the new characters are promising. But where’s Emma? I hope they haven’t axed Jayma Mays from the show. That would be very disappointing.

90210 S3
I’ve seen the first three episodes of 90210 S3, so I’m going to be talking about all three here. Let’s start with the most shocking thing that happened last season—Naomi being raped by Mr Cannon. We got a glimpse of that in a disturbing flashback in the season premiere, during the earthquake that hits Beverly Hills. The few seconds that the quake lasts were probably few of the best seconds on the show. It took me by surprise, and it put the characters in situations where they had to confront someone or something, the most impactful being Naomi freaking out, while being gripped by Mr Cannon, as he tries to calm her down. The horror of the rape haunts her with his touch, and that’s when she decides that she needs to do something about it. It’s eerie to see Cannon turn into a monster who tells her that she’ll never be able to prove that he raped her, and at the same time, who eyes Silver. I think that and the darkness that Naomi is in will bring a whole lot of drama to the season, similar to Annie living in the aftermath of having killed a man in the previous season. What makes this situation scarier is that Cannon is almost right. Silver didn’t believe Naomi when she told her that Cannon raped her. Eventually, she sees Cannon for the freak that he is and goes to Naomi’s aid, only to find her passed out after downing sleeping pills with wine (that’s till where I’ve seen). I wonder what’s going to happen now. Will Cannon have to pay for his actions, or will they play this storyline out for a while? I hope they bring out some more darkness before they put that story to rest.

Speaking of darkness, after watching Jasper torch Liam’s boat last season, I expected him to be back, haunting Annie some more, while Liam tries to protect her from him; but Jasper’s nowhere to be seen. I hope they bring him back for some added drama. Liam and Annie finally admit their feelings for one another, but they’re really being childish about it. I mean, of all the characters, I’d expect them to be a little mature about being together; but Annie’s reasons for not letting herself be with him are annoying. I wish they grow up! Among the other couples, besides the fact that I don’t like Dixon, I feel that he and Ivy are the most boring couple, and I don’t know what the writers are trying to do with this new Oscar character. Besides the drama that can come about from him having slept with Laurel, I don’t see him serving any purpose. As for Navid and Adrianna, their relationship needs to evolve; it’s getting old to see them going down the same path—her being disturbed by something, and him protecting her and being her strength! And what was with killing off Javier? It seemed like a very Marc Cherry thing to do—kill off the complication! I hope his death serves some greater purpose!

And now for the one thing that I think everyone was looking forward to in this season—Teddy switching sides and coming out of the closet. As his relationship with Silver goes downhill, we discover that he went to bed with a dude. For a storyline like that, I expected more drama; the discovery was very random, poorly handled. I hope they revisit how he landed up with a guy; otherwise it just wouldn’t make sense.

With that, there’s a lot of drama up for us this season, and I wish they handle the rape horror and the discovery of sexuality giving them the treatment they deserve. Oh, and I hope Harrison comes back; I miss Rob Estes! 

COMING SOON: Gossip Girl, House MD, How I Met Your Mother


  1. Dexter has always been in my top five shows. I guess they have to show Dexter grieving for a while. He still is Dexter though. One thing I don't understand is Deb and how they keep making her play musical chairs with men. Though Quinn and Deb seem like a good idea at this time. Cody was always my favourite of the two kids. Should be interesting also to watch how Dexter copes with being a single dad this season and how his son turns out. All in all another great season of Dexter to look forward to.

  2. Coming to Private Practice I think Shonda outdoes herself with Grey's but her heart just doesn't seem in it in PP. Plus Addison is such a cool character to have I'm still hoping she comes back to Seattle Grace seriously has way more scope there than here. Somehow there is a certain spark missing with most of the characters in PP. You don't really love any of the characters like you do in Greys but thats just me I guess. Dell dying was seriously sad I mean his character of a male nurse was probably one of the best on PP. Anyway here's hoping PP winds up soon and that Addy heads back to Seattle Grace and hooks up with Mark. Just hoping thats all :)

  3. I agree with you Glee gets really old after a certain point of time. I mean they really need to move past the point of being underdogs and losers and start doing something different. Also am very excited about the possible new love interest in Kurt's life. He is easily one of my favourites on the show along with Sue. Actually more like saving grace to be exact. They need to spice it up with something interesting even Will and Emma have become really old and boring. At first I thought it was endearing and sweet but now she's started annoying me like she did at the start of the show.I honestly feel it's exactly like High School Musical but a better bunch of songs. I hope they do Lady Gaga again her songs are brilliant and that episode was easily my fav in season 1 I think. Looking forward to more reviews then. Till then Ta ta

  4. Like I said, I really want to see Deb and Quinn work. I hope it works and stays (Not like ice-truck guy, Anton and Lundi) and I hope they can justify not having a villain this season by being awesome without one.

    Yes, I also wish Addison would be great at Seattle Grace-Mercy West and she and Mark Sloan would be awesome together... But since we know that's not happening, I do wish Shonda would bring some of the GA magic to PP, and yes, add spark to some of the characters here. Even I loved Dell. Sad to see him go! It's like George dying. Not as bad, but similar.

    From what I read, Emma has left Glee... And what more can I say. As I already said, I hope they present newer challenges for New Directions, cause the existing ones are getting old. I don't like Kurt as much as everyone else does, but I'm still looking forward to watching him dating and all.

  5. Waiting for HIMYM... liked the scoop on Glee!

  6. Having seen just Dexter as of now, I'm only going to comment on that. I too loved the Quinn-Deb hook-up; I hope they develop it well. I didn't quite get why Aster was so incredibly upset with Dexter. It seemed as though it was just due to the shock initially, but she remained upset throughout; I don't recall him doing anything to make her so mad at him. I'm really curious to see how the case is taken forward, especially after Dexter said 'It was me' and later denied it when questioned by the FBI. I really thought his eulogy; coming from a person who seldom expresses himself it was heart-warming. And btw, Quinn has lost so much weight!!