October 16, 2010


Here’s what I thought about the end of Brothers & Sisters S4...

With a disaster episode that seemed right out of Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters S4 came to a close. The setting was interesting, but what I was most looking forward to with the car crash was actually seeing the devastating accident happen. Instead, we only saw the cars and container truck after the crash, with all the Walkers and Harpers involved. The most disturbing turn of events was seeing Robert trapped in the driver’s seat, with a head injury and blood dripping, and Kitty trying her best to stop him from surrendering to what seems like death. Does he die? I hear he gets into a coma, but I also hear that Rob Lowe is not a part of S5. If he’s actually not coming back, I think it’s just tragic. Lowe is a fantastic actor, and Robert is such a likeable character. From having seen his relationship with Kitty right from the beginning, and seeing all the ups and downs, as it evolved, it’ll be sad to see that relationship dead. And if the writers did it to further explore Kitty’s love-life, it’s just stupid! One thing I just didn’t get towards the end of the season was Robert trying to get a job in national security, after wanting to renounce a career in politics, for a lighter, happier life!

Another good relationship that’s as good as dead is Justin and Rebecca’s. What started as something nice has turned into such a mess. I can’t stand them together anymore! They don’t understand each other, and they’re both so touchy about everything. They have zero tolerance for anything. Rebecca can’t understand Justin going through a hard time, and she’s selfish for the most part, and Justin doesn’t even try to help her understand. They’re never on the same page, and him holding it against her for not wanting to go to Haiti with him was just plain unreasonable. I really wouldn’t mind if they split up. I’ve had enough of them. And while on relationships, I’d really like to see Sarah’s relationship with Luc evolve, and go beyond what has seemed quite unconvincing so far, with him moving to Pasadena from France for her, after a brief summer romance! I’d like to see some ups and downs there, and then a wedding maybe. As for Kevin and Scotty, how I WISH Kevin would stop being so sulky all the time, and just be happy for his partner! He is so annoying. I just hope he finds that direction he’s looking for so that he can stop being so piss-headed all the time! That brings me to Saul. I’m glad he’s got AIDS and I hope he dies soon. In fact, if he dies in the one-year time period between S4 and S5, it’ll be even better. I don’t want to see him again! 

Another major turn of events this season was the shutting down of Ojai Foods and Walker Landing. I hope they had a good reason to do it. The premise of the family business worked well for the show, so without a good reason in the Walkers’ future for shutting shop, even the drama, which came from fighting to keep the company open, will seem pointless. Another thing that seemed to fall flat was the entry of Ryan Lafferty. He did whatever damage he did to the company, donated bone marrow to Kitty, and was off, without impacting the Walkers or the show in any way that contributed to the story significantly. That makes it clear that introducing him was just for the sake of having a cliffhanger when they did. The writers really need to follow through with storylines, even if the introduction was a gimmick to keep viewers watching; only then can the writing be called good.

That being said, I still have to say that I liked this season anyway. One big reason was the focus on the in-laws bonding this season. While Robert and Nora dealing with Kitty’s cancer together was in focus, Robert also bonded in a big way with Kevin, as his political career was ending. Kitty, on the other hand, became Rebecca’s confidante, becoming the first Walker to find out about Rebecca’s pregnancy. Even Scotty bonded with Nora and even Saul this season. Now, with so much changing after the car crash, I hope the writers take the changes forward well, because without Ojai and Robert and a year-long time leap, things can go terribly wrong if not handled well. I wish S5 lives upto expectations. 

COMING SOON: Premiere Season 2010, Part III


  1. Rob Lowe dies and yeah that's apparently 'coz he didn't feel he was getting a good enough role on the show. Which I agree with plus totally thought Robert's character lost it's way after a great start initially. Of all the characters Kevin and Scotty are by far my favourite. I hate and I mean loathe Rebecca and Justin I mean guess its just way too warped for my liking. If you ask me personally I think the show should end soon. I started out as being a fan of the walker family and now not that much. The only saving grace and constant as always for me season after season is Nora.

  2. I know about Rob Lowe leaving... I think his was the most likeable character on the show, after Nora. I like Kitty and for the most part Sarah too. I like Justin as an individual, but he and Rebecca together are getting on my nerves! I like Scotty, but can't stand Kevin. And as I said, I want Saul to die (I know he will!) About the show ending, I'm not convinced yet. I'd like to see what they do with the one-year leap. They didn't indicate the leap at the end of S4, so that plot wasn't a cliffhanger, so MAYBE they have a real plan with that. I look forward to watching S5. Will start tonight! :D

  3. @wildcherry28 Oh, and THANK YOU for being my biggest fan!

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