September 30, 2010


As September ends, I’m rounding up ‘Fall Premieres’ in India, with Brothers & Sisters S4, which started last month, and is only a week away from getting over.

A Defining Season
When Brothers & Sisters first started, I enjoyed it for the kind of show it was (I love stuff that’s heavy on emotions and all), but I didn’t see anything great in its story. It seemed like just another family drama, and I didn’t think it would last very long. While the family drama bit is still true, I’m really glad that it’s still on air, already in its fifth season on ABC in the US, because, as I’m watching S4 currently, I feel that the show has evolved and come into its own in a beautiful way. I love most of the characters, and I’m enjoying seeing where their lives are taking them. The season began with Sarah dealing with being a middle-aged single parent, longing for a companion; Kevin struggling with trying to start a family with his partner Scotty; Justin trying to find a balance between making his relationship with his fiancé work and trying to build a career in medicine; and Tommy was dealing with failure and issues with his ex-wife regarding the custody of their daughter, until he left. However, what seemed to be the focus, this season, was Kitty battling cancer and preparing for a major career in politics.

While on that, after seeing Kitty and Robert’s marriage going through a harsh phase last season, this season has really seen their relationship grow into something beautiful. I enjoy seeing all the lovely Robert-Kitty moments; the two have even become one of my favourite TV couples! Another evolution I’m loving is the role of Holly Harper in the Walker family and the Ojai Foods business. She and Nora have become really fun to watch; from not being able to stand each other, they’ve come a long way, and can even have pleasant moments together, like when they were arrested for stealing Dennis York’s car! Nora herself is my favourite. I know she’s an overbearing parent and interferes with almost everything; but that’s what moms are, and I love her for being exactly what she is. I think Nora is one of the most real characters on television, brought to life beautifully by two-time Oscar winner Sally Field.

Coming down to, what I would call, the ‘second act’ of the season, the attention has turned towards yet another secret kept by William Walker, one that is known by Dennis York, who’s viciously trying to steal the company and the fortune that he stands to gain. The drama that came about with him blackmailing Nora has been one of the highest points of the show, for me. Tommy returned, and in a strange way, the family was reunited. The two-part episode with the flashbacks revealing the characters’ back-stories was good for understanding them better, and a pleasure to watch, as one got a glimpse of the earlier days of the sibling bonding. Kevin was thrown into the mess, when he became the reason for the blackmail. Even as I could empathise with his back-story, I still wasn’t convinced about the way he reacted to the situation, blaming his mother, who had only tried to protect him. That being said, I don’t think his reaction was a departure from his character, as he has always been overtly negative and irrationally sensitive, with an unwillingness to see reason. I never did like him much, and as touching as it was to see him make his peace with Nora, I'm still not warming up to him.

With that being put to rest, we have four more episodes to go before this season ends, and I’m looking forward to big things from it. Hopefully the Walkers will solve the Narrow Lake mystery and see some returns from William’s investment. I do hear that the finale will be shocking, but for those who haven’t read up, let’s just leave it at that, and talk about it next week, after watching it!

(Brothers & Sisters airs Monday to Thursday, 10:00pm on Zee Cafe)

COMING SOON: A commentary on the latest season premieres, as I watch them


  1. now i really AM tempted to watch this show

  2. The show was interesting but then again there is only so much you can show with a family that is so huge. They all seem to constantly have the same issues and somehow I've always been a bigger fan of Robert over Kitty. Nora is the constant super mom character that we can't help but love coz in parts I guess she reminds everyone of their own mum. then again know the season finale and unhappy once again... shall discuss after you have finished watching it just like Ugly Betty.

  3. I love Robert too, more than Kitty yes, but I like her also, and I think I like them together more than individuals. They're a perfect couple and a real one at that. And I knew the season finale before I watched it too... Don't have any strong opinions on it, till I see where it leads to... Wait for my S4 end post coming sometime this week.