September 26, 2010


So September came, and while I’m yet to watch all the big season premieres, I have been following older seasons of two shows; seasons that have only just made it to Indian television. September saw the premiere of Brothers & Sisters and Ugly Betty (both, S4, which is the final season for the latter).

Ugly no More
Let me start by saying that Ugly Betty has never been among the shows that I really look forward to watch; it’s just something that’s fun in parts and is worth watching when it airs. Right from S1, I didn't find it all that exciting, and with each season ending, I found that there wasn’t much more that they could do with the show. And just as well, the show has ended. Its final season makes me understand why, even better. I mean, what started as a story about an unpopular misfit in a work place, became just the opposite of that.

In the fourth season, Betty has achieved what her contemporaries who mocked her couldn’t. She may not be very less ugly than she was in the beginning, but she does have quite a fan following. For an ugly misfit, she certainly has had a bevy of good looking, nice, and even successful guys falling for her (Henry, Gio and Matt!). And, to top that, she’s best friends with the most important person in the office—co-owner of the company and editor-in-chief of Mode magazine, Daniel Meade! She’s the go-to person for everyone around, including the woman who runs the company, Claire Meade. So what’s special about her story now? She’s yet to turn into a swan, maybe, but her life seems near perfect! (I think her final transformation into a swan will happen when her braces come off, if they do at all. It’s ridiculous that she’s had them on for almost four years. You don’t need to be an orthodontist to know that no one has braces on for so long!)

Now don’t get me wrong... I’m all for evolution of a show and its characters, but when the entire premise of the show has changed, I won’t really call it evolution; I’ll say that the show has gone off-track. Besides that, the content, in general, is gimmicky and a little too eccentric at times, and I find Betty rather annoying. Among the positives, there have been a few episodes that I really liked, for example, I loved the episode in the Bahamas and the one when Betty and Hilda both think they’re pregnant. Also, this season, I’m really enjoying the bonding between characters I never really saw as being friends, namely Marc and Betty, Marc and Daniel, Marc and Justin, and Amanda and Claire. Yes, Marc features a lot on that list. He's real fun to watch, especially when he's with Amanda. They're my favourite characters; always fun to watch! And, of course, Wilhelmina Slater is always awesome. Vanessa Williams brings an incredible energy to her role as Slater this season as well, and she is one of the things about the show that I'll really miss. (However, her being a part of Desperate Housewives S7 does offer some consolation.)

All said and done, I’m not very sure, but maybe the idea of the show was to show how Betty goes from being a misfit to the centre of attention, achieving big things. Even so, I do think the show had run its course, and it was time to end. More on this, once I’ve seen the finale.

(Ugly Betty airs Friday to Sunday, 10:00pm on Star World)

COMING SOON: ‘Fall Premieres’ in India, Part II (Brothers & Sisters S4)


  1. I loved the Bahamas episode too...all the hook-ups and the bonding going on. I've always loved Marc and Amanda. They make the show so much MORE fun. :-) Why do you hate Betty? I think she's pretty now. I love Justin and Hilda too! Btw, the guy playing Claire Meade's long-lost son is CUTE! This season seems interesting though I feel the pregnancy thing seemed repetitive from one of their previous seasons or I could be wrong about that...

  2. Yes, the Bahamas episode was very well done... And I did love the way they showed everyone hooking up, one bed at a time! Marc and Amanda do make the show better. I've never really liked Betty, because she complains and stays sad about life way more than she should. She's more pathetic than her life is. Just because she's not sophisticated and not-ugly doesn't mean her life is a mess. She has a lot more than many others. Her perpetual depression annoys me! Justin is fine. Hilda is also fun at times, although she and Betty together can get irritating. (Thanks for your comment, Ro! :)

  3. Ugly Betty has never been one of those great shows that you are absolutely hooked on to. You can always watch it if you have nothing better to watch that's about it. I think the problem is that Betty is too much of a do-gooder and always manages to save the day. I mean no one person is so good also. Plus she always mucks up good relationships (Gio and Matt) bu I guess for that we have to blame the writers. Was never a huge fan of Henry's and Betty's love story. Anyway the worst part for me was the series finale. Shall not say anything further till you have watched it too. But I just felt it was a crappy way to end a not so great show in the first place. Till your next review then. Cheers!

  4. @wildcherry28 I agree about how she mucked up good relationships. Matt was stupid enough to take her back. She'll just drag him into her drama again! And I do know what happens in the finale; I don't know details yet, so I'm not judging already. And I don't want to leave any spoilers here.

  5. yea I know how big you and geetanjali (feels so weird to write out her full name) are on the #spoileralert clause. So i am refraining from revealing anymore info till you have also finished watching the entire season