August 22, 2010


So, everyone who watched the Dexter S4 finale, last winter, was stunned by the shocking turn of events, as Dexter walks into his bathroom and sees his son, little Harrison, sitting and crying in a pool of blood, as his mother lay dead in a bloodbath close by. Rita was dead, and my mind was racing with thoughts of how Dexter would deal with it. Now I’m obviously not talking about the grief of losing his wife, because we know he deals with grief just fine. I’m talking about him living on, doing his job and killing people simultaneously, while he raises three kids. What really stayed in my head were the flashes of Dexter being carried away from the scene of his mother’s murder by Harry Morgan, just as Dexter carried away his son from the scene of Rita’s murder. We all know that Harry didn’t exactly do right by the little boy, which turned Dexter into a monster. And I was thinking, I hope he knows better than to make the mistakes that Harry made.

S5 will pick up right where S4 left off. Dexter emerges from the crime scene of his wife’s death, with his son in his arms, and the cops, all his colleagues, turn up. With them, will be Deborah. We know that an investigation will follow, which implicates one Kyle Butler, who, we know, was Dexter’s alias while he was mingling with our Trinity Killer, Arthur Mitchell’s family. It has been revealed that Dexter will confess to having killed his wife, but I don’t really see how he will expect that to sound plausible. Even if it does, what purpose will that serve? We know that Dexter Morgan always had a reason for everything he does, so I can’t wait to see what his reasons for confessing are!

S1 had the Ice-Truck Killer, S2 had the Bay-Harbour Butcher, S3 had the Skinner and Miguel Prado, and S4 had the Trinity Killer, but from what I’ve heard, S5 won’t have any one bad guy. They say it’s to keep things on the edge throughout the season, and not just have a build up to the finale, but I think they’ll have so much on their plate, just sorting out the death of Rita Morgan, and Dexter doing what he has to, to save his ass! Julia Stiles will guest star this season, playing a disturbed, young woman, with an interest in Dexter. To know what else is in store for our friendly neighbourhood serial killer, wait for September 26!

(For a sneak preview, click HERE )

Private Practice
I know a lot of people have lashed out at Shonda Rhimes for not being able to create a season finale without killing or almost killing a character in a brutal way, but let’s admit it—we love the drama that it brings about. Many have wondered why Dell had to die. Rhimes explained that there wasn’t much for Dell to do at Oceanside Wellness, and not much of a story left in his personal life either, so she thought that to do justice with Chris Lowell as an actor, it’d be best to let him go. Of course Lowell insisted on leaving with a bang, and that’s why his death was written so elaborately in the S3 finale. It was indeed gut-wrenching to see Dell say goodbye to his daughter, Betsy, who is now an orphan.

Another thing in the finale—it’s raining couples on the show! Almost everyone was with someone by the end. Cooper finally acted mature and did the right thing, by proposing to Charlotte. Rhimes says that that engagement will stick and that there will be a wedding in S4. There’s some hope for Naomi and Fife and for Pete and Violet, but I hear Brian Benben (Sheldon) has been promoted to series regular, so you never know what’ll happen there! Another promotion went to Caterina Scorsone (Amelia Shepherd), so we will see more of Addison working with her former sister-in-law. I hear she will also encourage Amelia to go mend ties with Derek, and with Scorsone set to make a guest appearance in Grey’s Anatomy S7, there’ll be yet another crossover! I love crossovers!

The finale ended with Addison taking a step, from where there’s clearly no turning back! She’s let herself love Sam Bennett, something she’d been fighting for almost the entire season. While we know that Cooper and Charlotte will walk down the aisle, we don’t know whether this couple will stick together. Is this it for Addison? Is Sam who she’ll end up with? How will Naomi feel about this? Will Addison even care about that? What else is in store for the doctors at Oceanside Wellness and Pacific Wellcare, find out September 23!

A friend, who watched the Castle S2 finale before I did, told me that if I didn’t get a lump in my throat when I watched it, I could change his name! I got more than a little lump in my throat, but I decided to let him keep his name!

Anyone would admit that it was heartbreaking to see Castle and Beckett almost getting there, with Beckett letting her guard down, only to see him pushing off to the Hamptons to summer with his ex-wife!  However, I don’t think I really want to see Castle and Beckett together just yet. Stana Katic (Beckett) said in an interview that television has evolved to a point where a lot of good comedy can come even from an on-screen couple, and I agreed. Just that, I don’t think I’ve had enough of Castle and Beckett being the way they are with each other right now. I want to see at least another season or two of that, before we can see them as a couple. In fact, I think it’ll be just odd to see them as a couple right now. Those who agree with me, there’s good news. There’ll be more lumps in your throats as we’re set to see Castle spending more time with ex-wife Gina (Monet Mazur, who has been signed on for a recurring role in S3). And rumour has it that Beckett will get a new biker boyfriend, played by Victor Webster.

And in the midst of all of this, we know that it’ll be business as usual for the homicide guys at NYPD! This trailer’s obviously just a teaser, but it’s still fun to watch. Click HERE.

Glee (Spoiler Alert, for those watching it on Star World)
Glee is the only new show that has made it to my list of most awaited season premieres for a reason. It’s just so much fun to watch! Besides watching Sue Sylvester’s hilarious antics, the show has some awesome music, and such a fantastic compilation and slotting of songs. I fell in love with Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ right from the beginning, and I sure was thrilled when they decided to perform it at the Show Choir Regionals. I enjoyed the finale every bit as much as I enjoyed the entire season. Although, the one thing I found very annoying was the constant threat of Glee Club getting cancelled. It worked the first time and maybe a second, but then it just got old. And it was disappointing to see them playing that card in the finale as well. OF COURSE Glee Club wouldn’t get cancelled any of those times! But was it a shocker to see New Directions place third at the Regionals? Maybe at first, but then I realised, if they won at Regionals, the only other big thing to do would be to win Nationals, and I didn’t see that happening by S2! So they’ll play out the challenge of New Directions trying their hand at Regionals one more year, and then, I think, they’ll be thrown into the Nationals, with competition even stronger than Vocal Adrenaline.

For now, S2 has plenty to offer. The talk of an episode dedicated to Britney Spears has been doing the rounds for quite a while now, so I’m expecting big things from that one. Rumour has it that they’re actually bringing Spears in for a cameo in it. I hear Adrian Grenier will guest star, and even Neil Patrick Harris will reprise his Emmy-nominated role on the show.

But all that aside, I’m just looking forward to some more fantastic, uplifting music from Glee Club, and of course, priceless moments like Kurt and his dad making a connection. But more than anything, I’m looking forward to seeing what new stunts Sue Sylvester will pull in S2!

After Gossip Girl premiered in 2007, I was in the mood for more high-school drama when 90210 started the next year, but the show lacked the excitement that GG offered right from its first season. However, in S2, 90210 certainly came of age. I’ll agree that I probably didn’t like the show as much initially, because it had more to do with school than scandal, unlike GG, but S2 changed that. The show evolved, as I stopped hating Annie’s character so much, I began to find Naomi less interesting. Silver lost her charm, as Dixon became way too annoying. Matt Lanter (Liam), who was promoted to series regular, was the best thing about the season.

The finale, of course, had Liam finish making his boat, which he was building to ‘blow off some steam’, as he dealt with his stepfather and then father’s betrayal. His connection with Annie during that period was as endearing as Navid and Adrianna’s in S1. That brought on the rage of Jasper, the sociopath, in the finale, as he torched Liam’s boat. That has me wanting more of dark-Jasper storylines. I can’t wait to see what he pulls next, as Liam’s rage is bound to spiral out of control!

In other storylines, the backdrop of S3 will be Senior Year for the kids at West Beverly Hills High. Of course, the biggest revelation recently was that one of them will come out of the closet. We know now that it’ll be Teddy. It has been revealed that it’ll come out of years of Teddy having to live up to an image that he was expected to maintain, and that he will snap, after his break-up with Silver, I’m guessing. Rumour has it that Kyle Riabko will play Teddy’s gay love interest. While we know that Adrianna’s brief relationship with Rumer Willis’ character was just a phase, we’re all set to see a full-blown love triangle between her, Javier and Navid, who just realised he still loves her. One thing I really want to see happen is Debbie and Harrison working out their problems. Lori Loughlin and Rob Estes are too cute together to separate. To see whether that’ll happen, let’s wait for September 13.


  1. I think Dexter's season finale was one of the best of the many. Excited about Julia Stiles joining the show. It is one of the shows that I have not gotten bored off except mayb a lil bit during season 3. Hope he has a nemesis in season 5 too. Glee well I thought I would easily be a fan what with the show being a musical and all but somehow the show failed to live up to expectations for me. The songs are great especially don't stop believing but when the lead character is so ANNOYING (I HATE RACHEL) she's way too over confident for a supposed loser in a school. Only saving grace is Sue and also like Kurt. Private Practice I'm not a big fan of Shonda killing off characters coz one of the casualties of this disease of hers was George which I still haven't been able to digest. And 90210 again nowhere close to being as good as Gossip Girl. For me it was a problem with casting more than anything.
    PS: I really think you should watch Vampire Diaries too the show is seriously KICK ASS :)

  2. I loved Dexter season 4 finale. everyone said i was gloating because that annoying-voiced Rita had died. But it's not like that. I'm looking forward to seeing how Dex will evolve as a serial killer as well as a full-time single dad. He can't sneak off in the middle of the night coz he has kids at home, so how will he vent?
    I agree that Castle and Beckett shouldn't get together just yet. this whole Monet Mazur triangle will definitely add some drama. Can't wait for S3 to start!
    BTW, i'll give u all the shows as soon i get them, said the pirate.

  3. this whole post is spoiler alert!

  4. @wildcherry28 Yes, Dexter's S4 finale was awesome. I'm looking forward to Julia Stiles on the show too. And I pretty much hate Rachel on Glee as well!

    @geetanjali Yeah! Rita's death is exciting for me, not cause I hated the character as do most Dexter watchers, but because of what that'll do to Dexter, on so many levels! Looking forward to more interesting stuff between Castle and Beckett as they see other people. And THANK YOU for volunteering to get me all the latest episodes this fall!

    @Eeek Hahahah... I guess there are quite a few spoilers here! But they're not the kinds that ruin any real suspense. (Maybe I should put a disclaimer though!)