August 29, 2010


Host of the 62nd Primetime Emmys, Jimmy Fallon
The 62nd Annual Primetime Emmys were quite a show this time. While Neil Patrick Harris did an outstanding job of hosting the show last year, Jimmy Fallon was also really good, this time around. I especially loved his performance while saying goodbye to the shows that got cancelled this year. He was hilarious as he did impressions of Sir Elton John and Billie Joe Armstrong. ThI se highlight of the awards, this time, was surely the fact that there were so many surprise winners. Mad Men won the Emmy for Outstanding Series Drama, but that was not the surprise! The big shock was Modern Family winning Outstanding Series Comedy, not because the show didn’t deserve it. Just that I was so sure Glee would win. I’m just glad that 30 Rock didn’t!

Modern Family wins Outstanding Series Comedy
Speaking of which, the surprises in the lead acting categories were quite pleasant. I was most thrilled about Jim Parsons (The Big Bang Theory) and Edie Falco (Nurse Jackie) winning the Emmys for Outstanding Lead Actor and Actress Comedy, which was a relief from Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin (30 Rock) winning year after year! Drama had its own surprises as well. Frontrunner Julianna Margulies didn’t win Outstanding Lead Actress Drama, for The Good Wife, the Emmy going to first-time winner Kyra Sedgwick (The Closer) instead. I was disappointed that neither of my favourite lead actors in the Drama category—Hugh Laurie (House MD) and Michael C Hall (Dexter)—won, but I do believe Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) deserved his win in the category.

Jane Lynch, accepting her Emmy for Glee
The supporting acting categories were also refreshing, with only one major disappointment—Neil Patrick Harris losing out on winning for How I Met Your Mother, for the fourth time! The Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor Comedy went to Eric Stonestreet instead, who, I have to say, is very good in Modern Family. Of course, Jane Lynch well-deservedly winning Outstanding Supporting Actress Comedy, for Glee, was no surprise at all! And in Drama, Archie Panjabi and Aaron Paul took away the Emmys for Outstanding Supporting Actress and Actor, for their roles in The Good Wife and Breaking Bad, respectively. The Emmys for writing and directing seemed perfectly just. Mad Men and Dexter won Outstanding Writing and Directing Drama, respectively, while Modern Family and Glee won Outstanding Writing and Directing Comedy, respectively.

Mostly, the night was full of surprises, barring a few wins that were almost a given. Jimmy Fallon wasn’t as good as Neil Patrick Harris last year, but he definitely did a decent job as host. I was disappointed by the general turnout, and the glamour quotient, but the presenters were delightfully nice to watch, especially Sofia Vergara, Jim Parsons, Eva Longoria-Parker and Nathan Fillion.


  1. wow! i'm soooo thrilled jim parsons won! terribly sad that they're still not giving an award to Neil Patrick Harris. i'm disappointed that hugh laurie didn't win this year. really wanted him to because i just started watching the show. i do have to start watching mad men soon, so maybe i wont be disappointed for long.

  2. I think I knew Glee wouldn't win and I'm glad it didn't too barring the songs and Sue I don't see anything extraordinary about the show. Plus Jimmy Fallon was good fun enjoyed his hosting. Nice start to the show with the Glee cast too. Liked a lot of the gowns that were worn this year, my favourites were by Nina Dobrev, Claire Danes and Lea Micheal. Even Jennifer Carpenter had a real nice one shoulder gown.

  3. I watched some of it but then I stopped when Eva LP and LL Cool came out to present, so I'm glad I have deeeeetails. I loved Edie Falco right from the Sopranos and she's just as good in Nurse Jackie too. Jane Lynch, amazing. She usually has a lot of funny things to say which she didnt have last night. That just goes to show how shocked/excited she was to have won.
    And How I met your Mother is too popular to win awards. It's just obvious that juries like more dysfunctional funny stories with witty scripts, but not TOO dysfunctional to make them look like they're alienating the rest. That's just my 2 cents.

  4. PS: Padma Lakshmi was HOT like chocolate!

  5. @geetanjali Yeah! Parsons really deserved it. And I know! Not rewarding NPH is really unfair.

    @wildcherry28 I agree with you that Glee is not extraordinary beyond the music and Sue Sylvester, but in Best Series, they look for overall excellence, and storylines and writing is just a part of the criteria. And I expected them to win, because most awards have been quite generous to reward them. Although, Modern Family is a smarter show.

    @Eeek I agree that the Academy prefers dysfunctional funny stories, but Modern Family isn't really dysfunctional; it's just unconventional. And Glee is very popular, yet they give them awards, so I don't really think that popular shows are snubbed. That really just applies for the Drama, I feel. The Emmys work in a more confusing way than the Oscars, actually. You can't tell what they think! :P

  6. Jane Lynch looked so pretty! That her win was deserved goes without saying. I am still drooling at the red carpet fashion. Did you have a chance to see the images yet?

  7. I would say Jane Lynch looked good; she's not exactly 'pretty'... I did see the red carpet stuff. I loved the dresses worn by Kyra Sedgwick, Jennifer Carpenter, Claire Danes, Heidi Klum, Jane Lynch, Eva Longoria-Parker, Sofia Vergara and Padma Laxmi.